About TFG

At Tech Futures Group, we’re not just a venture platform, we’re your strategic partner in innovation. We transform unique sector challenges into growth opportunities for your startup.

Matthew JoEhnk
Director, Tech Futures Group

TFG is designed for Founders

in three


Product-Market Fit

Go-to-Market Strategy

Customer Discovery & Validation



Finance & IP

Financial Strategy

Financial Modeling

Intellectual Property


SBIR & STTR Grant Navigation

Application Support

Which startup stage is best suited for working with TFG?


From market mapping and customer discovery to commercialization and growth, our advisory services cover all aspects of your startup journey. We also offer consulting around IP, financial strategy, and grants.

Our world-class team have a long history of venture success and are focused on supporting the next generation of ambitious founders.

But how?

If selected, you will be paired with one of our advisors based on your industry, maturity, and specific needs. Our advisors will work with you individually, remaining hyper-focused on solving your highest-priority challenges.

You and the advisors will set the frequency and cadence of your work. Often you will work with more than one advisor as your business grows and priorities shift.

1 on 1 support focused solely on growing your startup.