What to expect from working with a TFG patent advisor? 

The intellectual property (“IP) advisors of TFG are members of both the California State Bar and the Federal Patent Bar and may provide general guidance concerning the concepts, dynamics and best practices of IP strategy in designing and growing a new tech venture.  These IP advisors may NOT offer legal opinions directed to any actual or particular matter or real or potential dispute.  They may generally discuss IP strategy, the requirements of patentability, and matters relating to patent and trademark prosecution, copyright registration and assertion, trade secret management and the assertion of IP rights.  They may further review (in the abstract) the common issues and pitfalls of technology transaction, tech transfer and IP protection. They may not, however, prepare any documents, e.g., patent applications or license agreements.  Furthermore they will not provide any legal opinions on specific instances of IP infringement.  It is best practice to consult with a TFG IP advisor BEFORE any IP mistakes are made or disputes therefrom arise.  Our IP advisors are best employed in helping TFG clients to avoid legal imbroglios rather than in recovering from uninformed decisions regarding IP protection, strategy and management.

Meet our patent advisors:

Soody Tronson

Patrick Reilly