Peek Technologies

Peek Technologies is a biotech company dedicated to designing rapid test systems for both commercial and medical diagnostics. The company is developing a fully integrated system that takes complex laboratory tests and condenses it into an easy to use system for all levels of users. Their first product is designed for small wineries, craft breweries and home hobbies. These tests are meant for avid wine and beer producers to monitor and control key ingredients during pre and post fermentation.

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Peek Technologies’s EIR: Jeff Smith

Posted on December 19, 2018 .

BrainChild Innovation

BrainChild Innovation, LLC develops enterprise cloud & device powered AI solutions and offer emerging technology consulting, which includes scalable application-specific machine learning models, expert hardware & software setup/installation, custom Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality head-mounted display interfacing, routine update/maintenance service agreement options as well as autonomous robotics solutions. BrainChild Innovation, LLC company is made up of a core team of hardware and data science engineers from the Bay Area.


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Brain Child’s EIR: Hon Wong

Posted on December 12, 2018 .


weThink is a mobile SaaS solution that provides critical skills training and assessment to students and educators 5th grade and above. Critical skills are skills like critical thought, creativity, communication, collaboration, and more. They have always been important. But now more than ever do we need these skills to succeed in life as technology advances and economies globalize.

weTHINK’s system is a patent pending research backed and research proven system that psychometrically assesses and teaches the 33 most impactful and most important 21st century skills. The assessment score can be thought of as a FICO score for critical skills, a much better indicator of success than GPA or even a college degree. A 21st century solution for a 21st century problem.


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WEThink’s EIR: Louise Kirkbride

Posted on December 3, 2018 .

Legal Robot

Legal language is hard to understand, yet so much valuable information is locked away in legal documents. Today, we rely on expensive human experts (lawyers) to interpret and explain legal language to the rest of us. So many legal processes are constrained by requiring an expensive human for every step, which leads to massive waste in business, impedes access to justice, and increases costs across society. Legal Robot uses machine learning to understand legalese and delivers tools that help people extract, summarize, and visualize legal language.


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Legal Robot’s EIR: Jeff Smith

Posted on November 27, 2018 .


Luminous4D is leading Virtual Reality company offering original art, technical solutions and innovative designs to aid the birth of this emerging market. Powered by decades of experience that has pioneered 3D graphics, continuing to today.

Joining Artistry and Mastery Together Luminous4D is Bring Light into the Machine.


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Luminous4D’s EIR: Louise Kirkbride

Posted on November 24, 2018 .


Mindsight is an AI Virtual Project Dashboard for Software Development Organizations to Help Determine Real-Time Application Analytics, Giving Software Engineering Leaders the Insights to Make Faster and Smarter Engineering Decisions.

Their analytics dashboard specifically provides software teams measurements such as: real time code utilization, code differentials, and code hot paths. These measurements are taken straight from your software application's code, and helps paint a picture of how your code behaves when users interact with your software application. These insights have provided our customers the ability to transition their decision making strategy into a data-driven engineering focused process, allowing them to save time and money on how to understand tech debt and feature development.

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Mindsight’s EIR: Hon Wong

Posted on November 2, 2018 .

New Age Meats

New Age Meats is a cellular agriculture company based in San Francisco. They create meat by using cell culture and tissue engineering technologies, instead of animal slaughter. This approach has the potential to revolutionize the way they create food and significantly lower the environmental and animal welfare impact of current agricultural practices. Their company was created at the intersection of biotech, engineering and data science - they integrate technologies across these fields to automate the process of R&D and bring to market affordable meat, fast.

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New Age Meats’s EIR: Reena Jadhav

Posted on October 30, 2018 .


21Geo offers the Universal Bearing Technology that produces Motion Specialized Bearings. Give the technology a description of motion for two components, and it returns a bearing that supports that motion. It offers more flexibility than any other mechanism with very low friction.

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21Geo’s EIR: Louise Kirkbride

Posted on October 24, 2018 .


Augmeto is a virtual reality company in the healthcare industry. They are a medical platform to help reduce drug consumption in the United States by providing technological alternative treatments. Currently they provide amputees drug-free solutions to solve phantom pain based on mirror therapy. 

Augmeto usees Leap Motion with Oculus Rift to identify the missing limb, render it using 3D models and mirror movements from the existing limb for the patient to engage in several exercise to trick the brain that the limb is still present. Their solutions provide relaxation of the nerves, alleviating the pain and to help eliminate phantom pain over time without the side effects of drugs.   

The mission of Augmeto is to improve the quality of life for amputees including veterans by offering drug-free solutions to the phantom pain. 

Augmeto’s EIR: Louise Kirkbride

Posted on October 22, 2018 .


Filtricine, Inc. is developing a drug-free cancer therapy by specifically depriving nutrients required by cancer. They combine formula diet and active nutrient clearance to achieve efficacious depletion within weeks. In this way, we kill cancer, not the patients.


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Filtricine’s EIR: Reena Jadhav

Posted on October 15, 2018 .


VirtuLocity is a Silicon Valley start-up offering acceleration software solutions to speed up your Internet, mobile, and cloud connections whenever, and wherever, you need it. Thier innovative machine learning based congestion control software increases your internet connection's throughput typically by 80%, resulting in faster file transfers, improved upload/download speeds, faster SD-WAN services, and smoother streaming media for real time events, mobile gaming, and video conferencing. They offer on-premise licensing, or via a Platform-as-a-Service through Amazon Web Services.


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VirtuLocity’s EIR: Louise Kirkbride

Posted on October 11, 2018 .


Although agriculture is thousands of years old, growers still guess when it is time to irrigate. There is no way to automatically measure the need for water or 'thirst' of a plant--until now. Based on 10+ years of research at Cornell University, FloraPulse has developed an implantable microchip that directly measures how 'thirsty' a plant is and will provide the most accurate, timely information on when/how much to irrigate. FloraPulse uses this information to give the grower scientifically-backed recommendations for managing their field to consistently maximize crop yield, quality and water savings. The irrigation mystery: solved.

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FloraPulse’s EIR: Paul Bozzo

Posted on September 27, 2018 .


BIOsens Inc. is a company with a scientific basis, which develops Internet of Things (IoT) using biosensors for rapid diagnostics of food safety. Their aim is to give people confidence that they eat or produce safety food for them and their children.

With their solution, you can do a field test for mycotoxins (crop disease) in maize, wheat, groundnuts, feed, and other crops and have results quicker and cheaper. A sample will be easily prepared, information will displayed only within 15 minutes and stored in the cloud (IoT). The decision is made directly in the field.


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BIOsens’s EIR: Louise Kirkbride

Posted on September 21, 2018 .


Japa is a smart parking company delivering smart data and advanced analytics to solve parking issues for customers. Japa's pioneering technology makes the parking experience for consumers easier, while making corporate campuses and cities more efficient. Japa helps cities and universities to further enhance their Smart Campus or Smart City initiatives. Our vision is simple—to solve parking and make smart cities a reality. We want everyone to park smart and stress less.

Japa eliminates the stress and inefficiency of parking. We do this by providing parking businesses with a comprehensive data solution for all parking lots/structures they own. Using data from sensors placed in these lots and structures, Japa’s smartphone app shows drivers the real-time availability of spots in the area. The mobile application navigates drivers to the nearest available parking spot with no hassle. This saves drivers frustration, time, and money they lose when circling parking lots searching for an open spot.

Japa’s management system collects advanced analytics and enables parking operations to boost revenue, cut costs, and helps customers with fast, reliable, and easy-to-use technology. We have industry-leading sensors that provide 99% accuracy, are unobtrusive, and can be installed on many parking surfaces in a variety of situations. Japa is a smart parking company delivering smart data and advanced analytics to solve parking issues for customers.

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Japa’s EIR: Jeff Smith

Posted on September 17, 2018 .

TruMe Inc

TruMe Inc. is on the mission is to extend individual lifespan though early detection of health deterioration and development of age-related diseases. TruMe has developed a new, simple, unique, epigenetic test -TruAge Index - to determine and monitor changes in one's biological age and rate of aging. Their test is based on a saliva sample, and a blood draw is not required. The science behind the test states that our cells (even healthy ones) age at the faster rate if they develop diseases or chronic conditions, and TruMe test can detect it.


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TruMe’s EIR: Terri Mead

Posted on September 13, 2018 .


RobotStreamer makes live streams more fun and engaging with telepresence. We have created a millisecond-latency control network and video streaming platform which allows viewers to physically interact with broadcasters via robot. RobotStreamer enables user engagement and monetization methods that were not before possible, such as micropayments for physical interactions. This gives live streamers an edge in the rapidly growing and highly competitive live streaming industry.


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RobotStreamer’s EIR: Allan Young

Posted on September 11, 2018 .

CR Flight

CR Flight produces, enhances, and markets counter-rotating (CR) electric drone motors. Our
CR electric motors have two oppositely spinning propellers driven by a single motor. Our CR
technology allows the drone market to start looking at heavy lift drones, opening entirely new
markets, as well as using CR electric motors in many applications that presently use fossil fuel

What CR Flight has created is an equivalent “turbo charger” for electric motors that includes
internal cooling and self-ventilation. Our CR electric motors have at least three major benefits
over equivalent conventional electric motors: 1) ~15% to ~40% decreased electrical power
usage, which produces longer flight times; 2) ~doubling of on-demand thrust, when desired, for
assistance in take-offs, high-performance maneuvering, and emergency situations; and 3) up
to ~50% lower operational motor temperatures, thus minimizing both energy loss to excess
heat and harmful heat damage that shortens motor life.

A critical element in each of our CR motors is the incorporation of a slip ring assembly that can
transfer high amperage electricity into the magnetic field coils when both the armature and
stator are rotating in opposite directions at the maximum RPM set by the KV value. Our CR
technology accomplishes this feat while maintaining an amazingly low operational temperature
within the slip ring assembly and the CR motor.

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CR Flight's EIR: Jeff Smith

Posted on August 20, 2018 .


Resonado introduces patented audio hardware solutions that enable unprecedented product innovation for companies across industries. Resonado specializes in the Flat Core Speaker Technology (FCS) which is a complete architectural restructuring of the original cone-type speaker. With its FCS technology, Resonado has superior specifications in cost, size/weight, energy efficiency, and sound quality. This patented FCS technology empowers Resonado with the ability to replace virtually every speaker, in every product, on a global level.

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Resonado's EIR: Louise Kirkbride

Posted on August 15, 2018 .


Kegg is a consumer health company helping women conceive naturally faster and at the same time access affordable professional fertility guidance.  Kegg takes advantage of existing med. technology and makes it accessible outside of hospitals. Apart from the fertility market, Kegg will (finally) provide women with access to natural contraception.


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Kegg's EIR: Reena Jadhav

Posted on August 13, 2018 .


Ambii is the world’s first AI driven digital jukebox made for social listening - enjoying music with multiple people in the same space. They allows groups to listen together, empowering each individual the ability to influence the music that plays for their group. Ambii uses AI to curates the best musical experience to groups by providing song suggestions which are relevant to the people listening as well as maintaining the mood of the playlist.

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Ambii's EIR: Reena Jadhav

Posted on August 9, 2018 .