Beviglia Cancer Models, LLC

Beviglia Cancer Models, LLC is a preclinical pharmacology consulting and service provider founded by a motivated scientist and entrepreneur to help pharmaceutical companies validate in vivo efficacy of proprietary cancer therapies. They are the perfect solution for the numerous start-ups working on in vitro drug discovery projects and for more established biopharma built without a dedicated in vivo facility: Bevigila are their neighbor to conduct the complementary in vivo studies.

Beviglia offers a strong expertise in pharmacological modeling and experimental therapeutics in more clinically predictive models. Their extensive knowledge of in vivo systems ensures high quality and reproducible results. All our preclinical services are conducted with technical proficiency, scientific rigor, compliance to approved SOPs and guidelines, diligence, transparency, and professionalism.

Beviglia is committed to work collaboratively with their clients on model selection, protocol improvement, study design and execution. They provide high flexibility, quick turnaround and competitive pricing for high-value services because we are unique: a small, project-focused, “niche” CRO, which differentiates us from larger preclinical service providers.


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Beviglia’s Advisor: Gregory Theyel

Posted on September 23, 2019 .