AnyLog is a decentralized and secured data network, that any company can use, for storage and processing of IoT data. Using the AnyLog Network, data owners can extract immediate value from their data - in real time, in an automated way, and at a fraction of their current costs.

Today, IoT data is managed through multiple tiers (Edge, Fog and Cloud), using multiple software stacks and by leveraging proprietary software and data projects. AnyLog offers a single tier, a single software stack and real-time and automated processes that makes data generated by connected devices immediately available to users and applications.

Rather than creating projects that manage IoT data in silos, new IoT devices connect to the AnyLog Network in seconds and make their data available, through a unified (SQL) interface, in real time, in a secured and effortless way.


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AnyLog’s EIR: Allan Young

Posted on May 17, 2019 .