serviceMob is a startup based in Southern California with a mission to fix the many inefficiencies in how consumers access and interact with companies when they need customer service.

serviceMob’s technology employs a customer centric approach to making sure the experience of finding and accessing customer service is as smart, effortless, and painless as possible.

serviceMob’s visual solution re-imagines the customer service experience. Our platform replaces the status quo of cumbersome phone menus, hard-to-find information, and long wait times that leave customers frustrated, disengaged, and ready to spend their money elsewhere.

The technology employs design thinking, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to seamlessly direct the customer to the right solution. Through integration, our platform improves the experience by improving NPS and call demand while reducing staffing needs for the operation.

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ServiceMob’s EIR; Jeff Smith

Posted on April 29, 2019 .