Titan Labs

TitanLabs Designs and builds streak cameras, comb generators and, in time, optomechanical and specialized illumination products. A streak camera can be thought of as a very sophisticated slow motion camera used by scientist and engineers to look at many characteristics of light. Often this light is coming off of fusion and research targets in accelerators and high energy laser labs. A comb generator is a temporal ruler putting out a series of optical pulses at a given frequency to characterize and calibrate streak cameras.

TitanLabs; approach to building streak cameras (informed by our decades of hands on experience and aptitude for out of the box solutions) is to take a close look at everything, and if it can be changed or upgraded to improve performance or make the system easier to use, we make the change. This approach has and will allow us to make their streak cameras time saving, faster, cheaper, more accurate, and less prone to heat induced misalignment.


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Homepage: https://titanlabs.tv/

Titan Labs’s EIR: Louise Kirkbride

Posted on January 17, 2019 .