CR Flight

CR Flight produces, enhances, and markets counter-rotating (CR) electric drone motors. Our
CR electric motors have two oppositely spinning propellers driven by a single motor. Our CR
technology allows the drone market to start looking at heavy lift drones, opening entirely new
markets, as well as using CR electric motors in many applications that presently use fossil fuel

What CR Flight has created is an equivalent “turbo charger” for electric motors that includes
internal cooling and self-ventilation. Our CR electric motors have at least three major benefits
over equivalent conventional electric motors: 1) ~15% to ~40% decreased electrical power
usage, which produces longer flight times; 2) ~doubling of on-demand thrust, when desired, for
assistance in take-offs, high-performance maneuvering, and emergency situations; and 3) up
to ~50% lower operational motor temperatures, thus minimizing both energy loss to excess
heat and harmful heat damage that shortens motor life.

A critical element in each of our CR motors is the incorporation of a slip ring assembly that can
transfer high amperage electricity into the magnetic field coils when both the armature and
stator are rotating in opposite directions at the maximum RPM set by the KV value. Our CR
technology accomplishes this feat while maintaining an amazingly low operational temperature
within the slip ring assembly and the CR motor.

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CR Flight's EIR: Jeff Smith

Posted on August 20, 2018 .