Laxmicoin is a blockchain/cryptocurrency company that will be headquartered in Silicon Valley and will soon be introducing "The Rover Network",our private blockchain product for the enterprise. Today they have an R&D office in Jaipur, India where their staff of 7 senior software designers and programmers are located. They have a strategic relationship with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and 3 of their professors work with us on design, the lead being Dr Somitra Sanadhya, who is an acknowledged global expert in Quantum Cryptology. When we secure our "A" round funding we will open our  Silicon Valley office for the group of 6 software engineers/developers who are have been recruited by our founder, Mitthan Meena, and they will formally join us when we secure this financing. 

Currently in beta test the Rover Network is running 2,000-3,000 transactions/second which will be the fastest in the industry upon introduction, about double the current industry best.. When Rover is in the market Laxicoin will move to secure "proof of concept" certifications from a couple of well known transaction processing companies that have indicated interest. 

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Laxicoin's EIR: Allan Young

Posted on June 18, 2018 .