Geopogo integrates architecture, computer science, and 3D computer animation to deliver easy-to-use, engaging, interactive virtual spaces.  This non-gaming application of gaming software revolutionizes web experience by adding a compelling 3D spatial experience to any website.  Businesses can open their doors to present their merchandise to remote customers 24/7 to browse and buy in a branded virtual store.  Museums can open their doors 24/7 to share their cultural resources hidden in storage in virtual galleries and offer visitors options to see past exhibits and curate their own shows.  Tourist guides can provide customers with amazing 360-degree views of landmark locations in past times.  Geopogo has already delivered custom, commissioned products to all these types of customers.  They are now launching the development of Pogopods, a scalable product providing everyone with the power to develop modular virtual spaces and connect them together in Geopogo World, a fully-navigable metaverse based-on-but-not limited-to the real world.

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Geopogo's EIR: Gerry Baranano

Posted on May 24, 2018 .