ViVita is a life science company developing new biomaterials for engineering off-the-shelf tissues and organs to overcome the donor shortage. Our patented, platform process makes animal tissues compatible with human patients for a broad spectrum of medical applications.

ViVita’s MVP is the BARE Patch, a biocompatible and regenerative animal-derived biomaterial with applications in replacement heart valves, vessel repair and reconstruction, hernia repair, etc. The BARE Patch is generated from bovine pericardium, a fibrous tissue already used by clinicians. Treatment with the SPEAR Platform, a solubilization-based approach to eliminate triggers of immune rejection (antigens), confers immune-compatibility to the BARE Patch while preserving structure-function and regenerative properties of native bovine pericardium. For the patient, this represents a lifelong solution.


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ViVita's EIR: Mark Klopp

Posted on May 29, 2018 .