New Enamel

NewEnamel is the world's first Teledentistry website based upon the clinically-tested, evidence-based CAMBRA protocol for tooth decay prevention. It provides consumers access to prescription-strength dental care products for use at home. CAMBRA stands for: Caries Management By Risk Assessment and is a 10-year-old preventive treatment system developed at the UCSF Dental School. Consumers go to, take a brief assessment where NewEnamel's proprietary, trademark-protected algorithm accurately determines one's risk for tooth decay: either Low, Moderate, High or Extreme Risk. Then e-prescribe the products, and send a customized kit with a six-month supply of products along with personalized instructions to the consumer's home. The fully contained Kits, even at the highest risk level (Extreme Risk at $169.95) is very reasonably priced, and costs less than having only one cavity filled. Virtually all of the prescription-strength products featured in the kits are manufactured by Colgate.


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New Enamel's EIR: Mark Klopp

Posted on February 15, 2018 .