Sierra Turbines

Sierra Turbines is developing a compact, 10 kW generator for both Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and ground based power applications . The mechanical shaft power is delivered via  a compact 11 kW micro turbine that weights just 1 kg. Combined with a highly efficient generator,  the complete package weighs just  5 kg. Our turbine is configurable to provide flexible load output to meet a variety of applications, which include  mechanical,  standard electrical loads, or MIL Spec power.

Flexibility of fuel type is one of the major advantages micro turbines have over piston and rotary engines in this category, the others being reliability, power density and absence of vibration. The ‘DNA’ of Sierra Turbines' technology is rooted in some of the most innovative and demanding engineering projects that have transformed the world we live in. Our expertise, experience and network allows us to build the future

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Sierra Turbine's EIR: Louise Kirkbride

Posted on January 16, 2018 .