Foresight Mental Health

Foresight Mental Health is transforming mental healthcare by leveraging cutting-edge science and technology while remaining affordable and accessible.

Care at Foresight begins with building a patient profile based on the patient's genetic profile, comprehensive symptom profile, brain-chemical balance estimates, mental health history, family history, lifestyle, and many other factors. With the patient profile, the Foresight Platform analyzes hundreds of thousands of pages of clinical research to assist our doctors in accurately and quickly identifying the optimal treatment for the patient.

Weekly surveys via their patient portal keep the patient's symptom profile constantly up to date. Practice-issued wearable devices continuously monitor sleep, exercise, stress, anxiety, mood, and other key factors of mental health. Based on the patient's status, treatment plans are updated.

At Foresight, they are committed to leveraging technology to improve mental healthcare.

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Genetic Foresight's EIR: Hon Wong

Posted on September 11, 2017 .