Education is like water. Syminar’s mission is to enable free-flowing education by making learning
moments efficient to produce, organize, and access.  The initial focus is healthcare education. Clinicians learn in specialized ‘classrooms’ comprised of hospital units, operating rooms, and clinical simulation labs—confined spaces that limit training to small batches of students. Moreover, national supplies of clinical instructors run low.   As such, clinician programs struggle with finding training facilities and faculty, outputting sufficient clinician graduates, and meeting the growing healthcare demands of aging Baby Boomers.

Syminar brings learning environments:

Online in virtual reality (VR)
In VR learning spaces, instructors host and interact with larger groups of students without overcrowding.

Useful affordances
Affordances (actions made possible by the digital environment) augment the interactions and
management of large student groups.

VR sessions are simply conducted by the instructor; precluding the plethora of touch-points traditionally needed for distance-learning (media production teams, IT administrators, equipment vendors, etc.).


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Syminar's EIR: Jeff Smith

Posted on October 9, 2017 .