Effne is an online B2B marketplace for interior design professionals to source and buy luxury wholesale furnishings.

Currently there is no online marketplace that replicates the Brick & Mortar system. 
Designers must source product in person at one of 12 major design centers across the country or by bouncing from site to site without access to price or current availability.

Effne, pronounced /ef-fa-nee/ stands for “electronic” FF&E.
FF&E is an acronym (Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment) used as a stand alone term in the interior design industry referring to all products used in a design project that are not part of the building itself. 

Effne is moving the showrooms and design centers online by using technology to provide tools and information to streamline processes, create greater connection and help designers, showrooms, and manufacturers save time and money.

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Effne's EIR: Allan Young 

Posted on August 21, 2017 .