Boon is a marketplace to increase sales using virtual reality. They believe VR goes beyond gaming and entertainment, and that immersive experiences engage the human mind to retain more knowledge and increase confidence. Effectively, VR is a great way to train customers about a product/service and engage a deeper connection with them compared to presentations, videos or brochures. Boon's entry market is medical companies that need to train the physicians, nurses and patients they sell to, as part of the sale itself. Without proper or differentiated training, it is hard for medical companies, especially medical device manufacturers to grow or compete. Boon will soon expand to other commercial segments such as manufacturing. They foresee VR being the standard for customer training for businesses around the world. Boon provides the platform, monetization, and analytics for increasing sales using virtual reality.

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Boon's EIR: Hon Wong

Posted on April 4, 2017 .