Their mission is to make the world better for pets, and their humans, built off the simple insight that pets improve our lives. There's no better way to advance the well-being of pets than to provide exceptional health and care.

Their first product, The CatKit, is focused on cat health. Basepaws is the first consumer genetics test for cats which includes detailed information about breed and ancestry, physical traits, health, and genetic markers for potential hereditary disease. This is the first feline report to include over 150 different results, and the only consumer feline test currently available. They study most common hereditary disease and report on traits which can affect the animal late in life, thus giving the owners a peace of mind, and veterinarians a specific action plan. Basepaws tests hundreds of thousands of genetic markers and dozens of genetic diseases. Every owner joins their community and participates as citizen scientist to create a database of genetic data to be used in research.

Personalized pet products - supplements, therapeutics, treats and toys – based on genetic testing and personalized DNA reports is the future of health, for both pets and humans. Basepaws co-founders were part of Singularity University's 2016 incubator on NASA in Mountain View. Out of 3,000+ applicants, 80 have been picked from 40 countries, and the top 30 were accepted into the incubator.

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Basepaws's EIR: Gerry Baranano

Posted on February 22, 2017 .