ISOThrive LLC is a hot new microbiome company with a focus on nourishing specific bacteria in the gut which can resolve the root cause of a range of costly chronic health conditions.  The first blockbuster target opportunity is acid reflux.  Thier initial product has achieved unusually good success in symptom reduction and often complete resolution.  What makes ISOThrive unique is that people experience tangible results and when they stop taking ISOThrive, symptoms return.  ISOThrive LLC company is in an emerging category.  They have a therapeutic nutraceutical that is GRAS and in the market, and at the same time an opportunity that embodies the type of value creation one might find with a biotech pharma approach.  They have a strong IP strategy, an experienced team in place, a deep pipeline of opportunities, and are poised for rapid growth. 

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ISOThrive's EIR: Jeff Smith

Posted on December 11, 2017 .