Omega Packets

Omega Packets is building a network vulnerability and security tool set for the consumer level Wi-Fi small office / home office(SOHO) gateway router. They also ensure that the product continually delivers new and innovative solutions. 

Many consumers have difficulty setting up or maintaining a safe local area network(LAN)within their home. Every year millions of consumer’s home networks are hacked and the number of security breaches and amount of money stolen grows every year. Often times the manufacturer of the router is the culprit and the consumer the victim of poorly designed or untested software vulnerabilities – known as zero day bugs.

They Address:
1 - Zero-day vulnerabilities
2 - Phishing and malware scams
3 - Direct network penetration

Omega Packets tools include some open source and proprietary code. The product itself will be a bundle of network test tools plus a VPN service.



Omega Packets's EIR: Louise Kirkbride

Posted on October 16, 2017 .