LifeData is the tool for innovative research. Capture real-life experience anytime, anywhere. It’s easy to use, precise, powerfully flexible, and requires no coding.  LifeData makes tracking life as it happens, in real-time, widely accessible.  Collecting large amounts of data, and getting it ready for analysis, is now the easy part of research.      

One-time assessments—such as traditional surveys—have well-known and long-endured limitations stemming from issues with recall and situational effects.  Further, such approaches do not allow the assessment of dynamic interactions between people and the ever-changing situations of daily life.

To overcome these issues, LifeData integrates a web-based system and smartphone app designed for anyone interested in researching, or understanding, peoples’ daily lives and experiences; or for anyone wanting to deliver fast and accurate assessments and interventions.  Additionally, the LifeData system enables large amounts of data to be automatically formatted into datasets ready for analysis; and ready to be used for real-time support and intervention.  
By making assessments and interventions available in this way, the LifeData system addresses two longstanding problems: 

1.     It has been difficult to collect accurate, ecologically-valid data that captures the dynamic nature of life as people interact with their environment; and

2.    Technologies have struggled to enable quick and cost-effective ways of creating, testing, modifying, and widely distributing evidence-based interventions.

LifeData solves these problems with a flexible platform allowing experts and novices alike to easily create and deploy studies that can generate powerful insights.

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Posted on August 26, 2016 .