BlackOak Analytics

BlackOak Analytics High Performance Entity Resolution (HiPER) PaaS is primarily used for deduplication, matching and linking data records at scale in Hadoop to significantly increase data quality and accuracy.  HiPER ACCURATELY processes billions of records leveraging new distributed processing environments to support  real-time/daily data analytics at $200 machine cost vs. other older systems that can take a month or more to inaccurately process similar data volumes at a cost of $2M+.  We are combining speed, low cost and HiPER error rates of only .00002%.
BlackOak Analytics applications include multi-domain capabilities for retail such as real-time, accurate customer information at point of sale or cleaning up bad, partial data around products for better inventory, supplier and shelf management.  In financial services HiPER is used in risk applications for compliance, credit, fraud and anti-money laundering.  In healthcare and government it is used for accurately identifying indigent populations without an address to manage care or recoup federal funds.  HiPER excels in non-PII data to link the known to the unknown partial data.

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Blackoak Analytics's ERI: Jeff Smith

Posted on August 1, 2016 .