SUB2r has developed an open architecture camera platform unlike anything in the market. It can provide the user broadcast quality at an affordable price for the pro-sumer whose face and voice are their brand. And, it can be easily configured to meet the specific application for people who want to explore, create and innovate with digital imaging. Proprietary technology provides the interchangeability of the components and the method by which the modules interconnect including our own proprietary MIPI code, compression, and UVC functions. We give the user control over almost every aspect of the imaging process from the moment the light enters the lens until it leaves the camera.

This includes: Interchangeable high quality lenses, interchangeable camera board, programmable FPGA, expandable/user defined controls, output over USB 3.0 or GigE, interchangeable mics, Access to on sensor chip AUX I/O. chip level register programming user config I/O channels

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Sub2r's EIR: Allan Young


Posted on July 5, 2016 .