Pollere was founded in 2004 as an LLC (incorporated in 2009) dedicated to providing expertise on complex networking problems through teaming with clients. Pollere supplies expert consulting and analysis of network architectures through modeling and simulation, measurement, and laboratory prototypes. They excel at coming up to speed, teamwork, and mentoring.

In 2011, they began addressing Bufferbloat, developing Controlled Delay (CoDel) active queue management for deployment as an open source solution. This led them to realize that many interesting open problems in networking are best addressed by small, independent teams—but there are few ways for such teams to be self-supporting. Pollere decided to address this need by transitioning from a purely expertise-based business model to one of developing prototype reference solutions that can be sold or licensed. Using a Department of Energy Small Business
Innovation Research award, we funded our first effort at making this transition.

Pollere is now focused on solving operational network problems with approaches that are efficient, resilient, and functional in the areas of network monitoring, Internet quality-of-service, and security architectures. Our team is applying decades of experience to developing an architecture for network-wide passive performance monitoring. Pollere Performance Monitoring Agents can be managed through NETCONF and can run in their own network-attached device or be added to the code of existing network devices (e.g., routers and modems).

Pollere’s initial functionality for a PMA is called Transport Segment Delay Estimator (TSDE). This novel (patent pending) approach to computing path delays was developed under Department of Energy award number DE-SC0009498. TSDE is running in a Linux network-attached device and is available for licensing with its reference code and for further customization.

“Changing our business model and creating channels for the technology we have developed is challenging. We are confident in our technical expertise but look to TFG to provide us with the business advice and exposure to thrive with a new business model.” - Kathleen Nichols, CEO, Pollere, Inc

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Homepage: www.pollere.net

Posted on May 9, 2016 .