Current RF

CurrentRF is an independent Technology Company based in California, focused on improving both network and system efficiency through harvesting excess system noise and green energy. CurrentRF’s mission is to implement a product that generates both utility and security for the user through an accessible and streamlined interface.

PowerStic™ and Exodus™ products optimize the circuits energy use through pairing USB technology with high frequency coupling that exists in every data processing system. While many energy saving technologies focus on network efficiency through monitoring system usage while data processing is “off”, PowerStic™ and Exodus™ products pinpoint excess energy use while these operations are active.

Customer’s can save up to 20% on IT utility bills, obtain an average of an additional 30 minutes of battery life on their mobile and battery operated systems, and enable more efficient system designs. Through CurrentRF’s products, customers see a dramatic reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO), saving money and promoting green energy usage in the process.

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Current RF's EIR: Hon Wong

Posted on May 31, 2016 .