iFutureLab, Inc , is a high-tech company in the business of designing and developing revolutionary smart sleeping devices. They design and develop the next generation sleep tracker which has excellent accuracy to monitor and log the heart rate, respiratory rate, snoring, and phase length of sleep. Their ultimate goal is to improve the sleep quality of human beings. We utilize the modern electrical and computer science to provide smart, effective, affordable and durable products to help everyone in the world have a better sleep. 

Fitsleep is a Smart sleep tracker with E-lullaby. It can track your heart rate, respiratory rate and body movements for the whole night and tailors you a personalized sleep report everyday. Also, it could emit particular EM wave, we called it alpha wave to help you reduce time to fall asleep. The multiple sensors, machine learning algorithm, and alpha wave function are our core technologies. 

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Homepage: http://www.fitsleep.net


iFutureLab's EIR: Hon Wong

Posted on June 2, 2016 .