SolKonnect Inc. is a San Francisco Bay Area based Technology Company enabling and enhancing green technologies. SolKonnect Inc’s Mission is to create radically Innovative Products that streamline the Solar Energy deployment processes, reduce cycle time and Installation cost.
SolKonnect™ is a cloud based subscription service portal from SolKonnect Inc. for Residential Solar Installers.  Our Process Innovation streamlines the Solar Permit & PTO processes, reduces cycle time & Installation cost, resulting into lower LCOE for solar customer.  By reducing the cycle time, Installers can complete more installations. Additionally, by leveraging electronic submissions this Platform helps to reduce paper, indirectly helping save energy and supporting cleaner climate.

SolKonnect™ Platform allows:
Installers to address the solar permitting needs via a seamless and streamlined process that automatically detects applicable Jurisdictions, AHJs, Utilities and help upload paperwork & submit applications, track progress, and coordinate with AHJs & Utilities via clean, intuitive user experience accessible from their mobile devices or the online Portals. AHJs to interactively engage with each Installer for each site to publish process information, changes and updates, accept application form submissions, manage document collaterals and track progress in an easy, intuitive & visually powerful interface. Utilities to accept PTO applications, communicate status information, and keeping customers updated on the progress.

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SolKonnect's EIR: Allan Young

Posted on May 27, 2016 .