Spycob helps sellers on eBay and other marketplaces discover authentic brands from the top retailers at the lowest possible price via Spycob SaaS solution. They scout major retailers for deals on apparel and accessories looking for 50%-99% discounts. As of now they collect information from 20 retailers (Macy's, Nordstrom, Yoox, etc.), which allows Spycob to add c.500 new items per hour. Spycob will continue increasing the feed bringing more exciting deals to those who make resale of fashion products their primary or secondary income.

There are 25 million sellers on eBay platform only and most of them face the same challenge - how to find a product, which will sell quickly and at a profit. With growing competition, increasing buyer sophistication and sizeable fees charged by marketplaces, 'smart' sourcing is becoming critical for the vitality of these small businesses. Spycob addresses the problem by providing a customized solution catered to the needs of all sellers - from custom filters and alerts for small-scale businesses to advanced analytics for sellers with thousands of SKUs.

Spycob has recently agreed on a partnership with eBay and launched a pilot with a view to develop a web-based solution for eBay sellers.  They have a similar agreement with PayPal, which will unlock more business users. 

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Homepage: http://biz.spycob.com/

Posted on April 6, 2016 .