Siliconic Home

Siliconic Home is developing a voice-activated Internet connected product for children. The SmartCreature answers to the command "Smarty". It is a hardware device and cloud platform that provides access to entertainment and educational content through a voice-user interface.

The platform utilizes advanced electronics and software in the device and the Cloud that recognize and respond to speech for a fully hands-free experience. The front-end has an invisible UI and enables voice interaction anywhere in a room, including: automatic speech recognition (ASR), voice activation and response, artificial intelligence (including natural language understanding), local networking (e.g. Wi-Fi, BlueTooth) as well as interoperability with selected third party content, products and Internet services. In addition, there is a Parental “Dashboard” and Applications to monitor and manage the settings and services.

Smarty leverages the company’s proprietary juvenile voice recognition engine to better understand children's voices. It is designed to assist a child throughout their day, such as: waking up on time, alerting them to events for the day, controlling the lights in their bedroom, helping them learn a foreign language, searching information for homework, playing their favorite song or streaming their favorite bedtime story. Smarty is on and ready for a child to engage with using just their voice!

"On behalf of Siliconic Home's co-founders, stakeholders and supporters,  I want to express my thanks to Tech Futures Group for selecting our start-up. We are honored to be part of the TFG  group of technology companies, and look forward to working with everyone at TFG!" - Tim Connelly, CEO Siliconic Home, Inc.

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Siliconic Home's EIR: Hon Wong

Posted on March 29, 2016 .