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Winward Home offers a one-of-a-kind and highly beneficial Drop-Ship Program of the highest quality, most realistic faux floral arrangements to the home decorating trade. On top of the attractive Drop-Ship Program. Thanks to production both by an exclusive factory in China, and a domestic production capability, Winward Home is able to offer an unheard of lead-time of 72 hours upon ordering. Winward Home’s offering to these high-end furniture retailers solves all the business problems they have been dealing with for centuries.

Winward Home designs and manufactures the highest quality, most realistic faux floral arrangements which has never been available in the market. We’ve developed a highly innovative Drop-Ship Programs which also was never available to the home decorating trade which our customers order 1 piece each of a set of floor samples and our customers simply re-order only items that have sold (as little as 1 piece at a time). We will develop a technology that is easy for all our customers to implement, which will track all items sold at point of sale. The system will track which customer sold the merchandise, at which location (if multiple stores), ship-to address (if applicable), which immediately transmits to Winward Home in real time so we can quickly ship out the re-order, either to the store location or to the customer’s home as indicated on the automated replenishment order. The system will also be able to analyze our sales history to identify best sellers by price range, color group, and by geographic region

“Winward Home is very excited to be admitted into Tech Futures Group. We know we have great products and a truly innovative business model which we’re looking forward to presenting our company to investors to enable us carry out our business plan to become an international consumer name brand.” - Benjamin Tai, Founder 

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Winward Home's EIR: Allan Young

Posted on March 21, 2016 .