People used to build relationships in the following manner: There was an occasion (event, new class, small project) then people got to know one-another and finally they built relationships and some teams were formed. But in the online realm we skip the middle step and jump right into making connections (using Linkedin or FB for example, and expose a lot of information and updates about ourselves) or work on teams (using Yammer for example which focus on communication not building relationships). With projects and teams becoming increasingly interdisciplinary and short-term this problem is becoming ever-more important. CardStack aims to bridge this gap and help people build relationships as they ought to.

CardStak allows people to build mini profiles (cards) for each occasion that simply explains who they and why they’re there, and these cards can be integrated with 30+ social networks or company / person pages as appropriate for an occasion. By creating cards for various occasions, you would be sharing just the right amount of information without the hassle of friend requests.

" Getting into TFG is an exciting opportunity. The partners are well connected to industry leaders and provide valuable insights." - MOHAMMAD HOSSEIN GHASEMZADEH, Founder

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CardStack's EIR: Allan Young 

Posted on February 10, 2016 .