SafeHandles offers patent pending technologies that were created to provide non-invasive, replaceable, and affordable passive antimicrobial products with unlimited potential to improve the health and productivity in almost every built environment. Our society has placed an extremely high importance on the need for personal hand hygiene.  Improper hand hygiene accounts for 78% of commonly transmitted diseases including MRSA and Norovirus and a host of others.  Their antimicrobial products include custom fit heat-shrink sleeves and adhesive application options to protect common touch points such as door levers, push plates and railings to prevent the spread of illness regardless of hand hygiene in high traffic and common use areas.

SafeHandles products are easy to install and maintain and use United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved antimicrobials that provide long lasting germ protection.
Their mission is to dramatically increase productivity by creating healthier environments through antimicrobial barriers within education, hospitality, commercial, and public facilities that prevent the transference of viral, bacterial, and fungal health threats between inhabitants.

“We are very enthusiastic about the opportunity to work with the highly accomplished advisors who make up the core of the Tech Futures Group.  Their experience with go-to-market and product launches as well as product pricing strategies, financial operating plans and budget preparation are coming at a key moment as we look to propel our business forward into the market!” – Steve Strombeck, President and Founder.

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SafeHandles's EIR: Mark Klopp

Posted on February 8, 2016 .