With U.S. Healthcare striving for better population health at lower per-capita costs, healthcare organizations increasingly aren’t simply paid for services rendered, but for their patients’ health outcomes.  Consequently, Specialty Care and Chronic Care teams are challenged to improve performance measures for efficiency and effectiveness, including access to services, referral-to-treatment time, adherence to treatment, and adherence to follow-up care.
Current technology solutions focus on bringing gaps in care – what encounters are missing – to the teams’ attention, but not helping them with how to close the gaps, let alone the related, critical tasks.
LucidAct Collaboration System for Healthcare Teams turns their workflows into online collaboration with machine learning to

·      Manage, automatically, each patient’s care like a project

·      Facilitate task completion by bringing relevant EMR data into the workflow

·      Automate tasks with capabilities such as form pre-filling, e-signature, and voice-to-text transcription 

·      Enable secure communication and sharing within the workflow across the four walls

·      Integrate remote patient monitoring devices into the workflow

·      Generate reports for Value-Based Payment programs

·      Accelerate process improvement with process insights and AB Testing


The team can get started today, easily adding more capabilities as they go.


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LucidAct's EIR: Hon Wong

Posted on December 21, 2016 .