IFPS takes the technology of a traditional laser blaster and puts it into an amazing phone case that changes the way the players play laser tag. The possibilities are endless with the IFPS app where the users will be able to use, build, and buy in game weapons and avatars. This all new in depth customization will allow the user to choose from over 100 different unlockable weapons and weapon skins for a multitude of combinations. The IFPS store will be featuring new weapons, skins, and avatars every week. IFPS has multiple game modes whether it be for playing with friends around the house or when you are out at an IFPS arena near you.

The BattleCase is the newest revolution in laser tag technology with an interchangeable laser and backplate for the fullest form of personalization for the user. The BattleCase HiFi radio sensor takes away the need for the clunky blaster and vest combo which we are all unfortunately accustomed to. The case cam allows the user to have recording of the gaming session in first person. With this revolutionary BattleCase, IFPS will take over the next generation of gaming.

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IFPS's EIR: Allan Young

Posted on December 7, 2016 .