Everflux is designing the world’s smallest, user-friendly, onsite commercial anaerobic digester. This device has a footprint no bigger than a small dumpster, and turns food waste into organic fertilizer and renewable natural gas, that can be used directly for cooking for water heating in a commercial kitchen. The benefits include:

  • No up front cost to install
  • Monthly cost similar to garbage bill
  • Customer keeps gas for free
  • Everflux conducts all maintenance and repairs
  • Eliminates smelly waste storage and disruptive waste haulers
  • Saves space in landfills, prevents greenhouse gas emissions & sends nutrients back to the soil

Everflux is turning the conventional waste collection model on it's head by recycling organic waste at the source. This approach reduces capital, maintenance and transportation costs, and is the first environmentally friendly onsite waste management solution that can be scaled rapidly. We have transformed the modern anaerobic digester from a large industrial project, into a compact, modular and mass-producible appliance.

Learn more about Everflux:

Homepage: www.everflux.tech




Everflux's EIR: Ashwin Gulati

Posted on November 21, 2016 .