Corpus-e disrupts shoe selling. We provide a cloud-based sales solution for shoe retailers, which engages the consumer for the entire lifecycle, across all sales channels. Key to consumer engagement is our 3D foot scanning process, generating a rich customer profile and automatically identifying fitting shoes from the retailers’ inventory using our cloud database of 3D shoe scans. Our personal shopping solution hooks the consumer to both the offline and online channel of the retailer, and for each channel it leads to increased conversion rates, higher average transaction value, improved retention, a simpler and faster process, as well as competitive differentiation. In addition, for the online channel it significantly reduces inventory and return cost by the avoidance of ordering shoes with bad fit and avoiding the need to order multiple sizes to ensure the right size is included.

"We are looking forward to be part of the TFG community and their support to create and drive our business in the US. Especially as foreigners coming to this huge and competitive market, we expect local support from TFG to provide a cornerstone for our success." - Christian Suttner, COO/CFO

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Posted on January 6, 2016 .