WGSIGMA Systems, Inc.

Ever since Wai and Bill pioneered the 1st Big Data Insight project at Amdocs in 2010, they believed that putting together Big Data, IT Integration and Machine Intelligence technologies to go beyond predictive analytics into Intelligent Decision Support have a huge potential in many markets.  WGSigma Systems was formed to address this new market trend.   Founded in 2013, they are initially targeting the $7+ Trillion construction market with the Sigma iCRISK product for project contingency budget optimization.
Unlike any other enterprise application, they do not require constant input to maintain currency, they are a new generation of software sitting in the background constantly associating information, creating inferences and learning from your corrections.  During this process, they give you the project alerts you would want to have and actively filter out the ones you already know and did something about unless something new is in the equation.  By the way, what they also remember is how items are connected thru who, what, when and how to make it much easier when lookup is required for collaboration, engagement or analysis.
Wai Wong: ‘We look forward to working with the Tech Futures Group’s experts in driving forward the next steps in our maturity.  TFG is already helping us from the first time we were introduced to each other.’

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Homepage: http://www.wgsigmasystems.com/

WGSIGMA Systems, Inc.'s EIR: Hon Wong

Posted on February 1, 2016 .