LIME is a business intelligence and management dashboard for small-to-medium size digital agencies and software development consultancies. It is the only tool tailor-made for consultancies that consolidates the data from all their cloud applications, showing what’s going on across the business, client-by-client, project-by-project, and employee-by-employee.
More than a generic data analysis tool, LIME understands the particular needs of its customers. In today’s modern agency, business-critical information about clients, projects, and employees is scattered across a dozen cloud apps. Decision-making requires logging into each service in turn and manually connecting the pieces to see the “big picture”. Automating this tedious process, LIME downloads, organizes, and presents a snapshot of the agency — the tasks completed, hours billed, proposals and invoices sent, files created, and more — in a simple dashboard that lets them feel the pulse of their business. Finding out the current state of a project is now simple, making frequent status meetings with project managers and entire teams a thing of the past.

“We are incredibly excited to be counted among a vibrant group of startups as we join the Tech Futures Group. We look forward to learning from our entrepreneur-in-residence and the other members of the TFG team.” – Paul Doerwald, President

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Twitter: @lime_cloud

LIME's EIR: Allan Young

Posted on January 27, 2016 .