Versanalytics Inc

Versanalytics gives a clear window to the world of research. Versanalytics helps both research universities and research-driven companies in industries such as biotech and pharma to find each other, make connections, and gain an edge in competitive intelligence by bringing meaning to the mountains of published information already available today.

Even at the nation's top research universities, less than ten percent of academic discoveries find their way to commercial application. For companies to find, license, and build products on the cutting edge of academic research, today they must take part in exhaustive searches, conferences, personal networking, and pure luck. 

The Versanalytics engine changes all that. Using new big data technology, Versanalytics makes it possible to find meaning in huge volumes of unstructured data including patents and academic publications, going beyond the advanced pattern matching used in many big data applications today. Versanalytics makes it possible for clients to look ahead, automatically identify patterns in universities' or individual researchers' work, and predict who is credible and capable of producing new work adjacent to a highly specific project description, and all with a simple, understandable interface that requires no technical training. Versanalytics gives the edge that every law firm, biotech or pharma company, university, or venture capitalist will need to stay competitive in a smarter tomorrow.

Versanalytics Inc's EIR: Allan Young

Posted on January 19, 2016 .