GIGAmacro produces automated systems for capturing, managing, annotating and sharing the world's most detailed macro photographs. GIGAmacro’s systems are in use around the world in manufacturing, science laboratories, and museums that need to capture, preserve and present scalable, detailed macro images.

The Magnify2 system is specifically designed for creating gigapixel resolution imagery of macroscopic and microscopic subjects. The complete turnkey system provides the robotics, optics, camera, software, and computing power to create GIGAmacro images with ease. GIGAmacro systems are in use in science, manufacturing, educational establishments and museums worldwide.

Gene Cooper, Founder & CEO of GIGAmacro said “We are delighted to be able to access the depth of experience of Tech Futures Group to help guide and advise us in the next stages of our rapid expansion.”

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GIGAmacro's EIR: Gerry Baranano

Posted on January 13, 2016 .