Vyooit is Periscope for Enterprise and also Slack for video collaboration. We allow companies to request a point of view from any employee of theirs anywhere in the world and interact. It significantly increases productivity, saves time and money and is a great tool to engage online customers by allowing them to experience the point of view of sales associates in stores or real estate agents and interact with them.

We enable companies to productively handle their operations by offering a universal Slack like business solution for video collaboration. By completely removing accounts and passwords, the executive can access a point of view from any employee in the world with two clicks from a simple-to-use dashboard. Also, people outside of the company are engaged through a single link without a need for accounts or passwords. This is already showing 40-60% decreased down time, 30-50% decrease in travel cost. 

"We are thrilled to join TFG!!! We see this as a clear validation to our efforts to establish VyooIT as a household brand for the Enterprise communication and customer engagement. To be able to get access to such remarkable list of highly skilled and experienced individuals in TFG means my company is set for great success. I want to thank you for accepting us into your exclusive circle. We will appreciate this invaluable opportunity and do our very best to give back to TFG family. Looking forward to working together." - Mirza Muftic, CEO

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VYOOIT's EIR: Hon Wong

Posted on September 3, 2015 .