UFP Identity is a dynamic user authentication platform, solving the problems with authentication in the online world today and for the future.  Developed around a centralized, non-federated, proxied authentication model, UFP has patented an industry changing multi-pass authentication protocol.  Deployed as a hosted solution, UFP is uniquely positioned to cause a paradigm shift in the authentication-as-a-service space.  It is a token-agnostic solution, affording an unlimited layered approach to authentication and offers robust risk analysis enabling the site’s developer to deploy dynamic authentication to an ever changing risk model.  It is the first platform designed to be integrated across a wide spectrum of related and unrelated sites. 

“We are very grateful for Tech Futures Group and the EIR working with us.  Their insights and experience have been invaluable, helping us with positioning and service pricing models we had never even thought of before.  TFG has made it possible for us to launch.”   - Cory Levenberg, Founder and CEO

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Homepage: https://www.ufp.com/

UFP's EIR: Allan Young

Posted on September 22, 2015 .