Optimizing Mind

Optimizing Mind is provides innovative tools to more-easily develop intelligence behind small devices, human interaction, smart apps, and many other applications based on a proprietary algorithm.   Intelligence in machines can be trained faster, more transparently, and with fewer resources than traditional methods such as machine learning or neural networks.  Their algorithm is easier to visualize, modify, and understand the components of the data represented in the network, helping avoid mistakes and better-suited for adaptive targets, such as cybersecurity.

"I am excited and grateful to have help tackling the unique set of problems we face with individualized, experienced support."  - Tsvi Achler, Founder of Optimizing Mind


Optimizing Mind's EIR: Gerry Baranano


For more about Optimizing mind:

Homepage: http://optimizingmind.com/

Email: CMO@OptimizingMind.com




Posted on August 5, 2015 .