Quantea has developed a product QP that merges network traffic intelligence and data storage technologies into one. We have about 11 patented technologies (provisional) and a solid traction in Japan with the most well known customers such as Fujitsu, NEC, Docomo,Y!mobile, NTT Communication and Softbank/Sprint.

Even though we are very small, they have a strong and effective team. Quantea is already an international company with potential customers from Europe, New Zealand and China. Domestically, they have already built the partnerships with larger US companies and a distributor that is doing business with the US government and large organizations. AT&T currently is interested in their products and they have shipped the demo system to AT&T for trial.

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Homepage: http://quanteacom.ipage.com/

Quantea's EIR: Gerry Baranano 

Posted on August 5, 2015 .