Zeepabyte provides an enabling technology which organizes high velocity and high volume data from heterogeneous and largely distributed data sources to support ad-hoc analytics, practically in real-time.

Wherever there is need of Big and Sparse Data access, Zeepabyte’s technology exploits metadata discovery as well as data usage and purpose tips to create an intermediate data organization that is dynamic, efficient and parsimonious for the analytical task at hand.  

When adopted for industrial IOTs, enterprise DWHs or cloud mobile consumer applications, Zeepabyte promotes good practices for data and human ecology. Human ecology association is clear as we use less hardware, less energy while increasing the productive time of human resources. We contribute to Data ecology by preventing "data lakes" to turn into "data swamps" which may pollute the decision making environment because they store data beyond reasonable purpose.  

Zeepabyte technology helps consumers and providers of big data to put “organize” between “grab” and “analyze”. Just like spring water, when using Zeepabyte, data stays fresh for ad-hoc sips of information.

 “We are honored to be selected and to join the federally funded Tech Futures Group.  Guided by experienced entrepreneurs advice, Zeepabyte will continue the tradition of great software technologies and products made in Silicon Valley, CA and great jobs that go along with these." - Lucia, Minority co-founder and investor

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Homepage: www.zeepabyte.com

Zeepabyte's EIR: Ashwin Gulati

Posted on August 27, 2015 .