Cambridge Educational Network, Inc. (CEN)

Cambridge Educational Network creates, markets, and supports Internet-based educational products that enliven and complement traditional case-based and textbook-based teaching methods and engender student mastery of course materials. Its flagship product is Mobos Code™, which offers a unique way for educators to easily harness the power of the Internet as they enhance traditional book-based learning. Mobos Code™ features probing video analysis, related real-time data imports, and student participation to bring the excitement and intellectual depth of the Web to the student. It complements textbooks and classroom instruction with game-based problem-solving and is currently being developed for the secondary school and college textbook and case market. This unique educational tool provides STEM curricula and games along with educator professional development. Our goal is to immerse each student in a discipline using the benefits, resources, and structure of the Internet. We design, develop, and then deliver Web-based content to students and professors and provide feedback mechanisms to channel information back to each participant in the learning/teaching process.

"We are thrilled and delighted to work with Tech Futures Group as we move forward with developing and marketing Mobos Code. It will offer our team invaluable resources enabling us to take our product and our firm to the next step." - Kathleen Krier, CEO

       CEN’s EIR:   Reena Jadhav



CEN’s EIR: Reena Jadhav

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Posted on August 27, 2015 .