Practice Alchemy

Practice Alchemy frees attorneys from practice prison - and helps them create more profitable, less stressful businesses. 

Every solo attorney and small firm partner struggles with managing and growing their practice. Pulled between client work, marketing, running the practice, competition, and a never-ending list of administrative tasks, it's almost impossible to break free from the day to day and grow the business.

Most lawyers don't have the time to both understand what marketing actually works, learn the tools, and also get it all done. With no clarity, no guidance, and no time, marketing falls through the cracks. The result? Less business tomorrow.

They provide a fully managed marketing platform that gets solo and small firm law practices more business with an absolute minimum of effort on their part. Our proprietary blend of technology, business processes, and education-based marketing is unlike any other service in the legal industry.

“Being selected to be in the TFG program not only validates our unique platform, but gives us access to advisors who can help us further accelerate growth.” - Raj Jha, CEO of Practice Alchemy

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Practice Alchemy's EIR: Allan Young

Posted on August 17, 2015 .