Aptascan is developing a rapid and simple to use device that will provide real-time data on hormone levels, markers of inflammation, and other biomarkers relevant to health and disease. With a tool no more difficult to use than a thermometer, individuals can quickly, and at home, track their own health information - empowering them to learn about, understand, and improve their health. Ultimately, a more successful, more efficient, and more cost-effective health care system can be achieved by providing individuals with this insight into their own biology.

"We are very excited to be a part of the Tech Futures Group program, and to be working with Dr. Gregory Theyel," said Aaron Burke, Aptascan co-founder. "His understanding of what Aptascan needs to do as a company to successfully further our development has already been clearly demonstrated. The key value in this program is the way it givers us the ability to get advice and answers to questions that many startups find themselves facing and struggling with, and to get this advice from those who have successfully dealt with the same questions. It's that advice that will help Aptascan to be successful in our development and in achieving our goals."

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CEO: Aaron Burke,  aaronburke@aptascan.com



AptaScan's Counselor: Gregory Theyel

Posted on July 28, 2015 .