Activa Financial

Actvia Financial offers a next gen engagement banking platform to banks that allows banks to serve their customers on all devices and online with a seamless experience. The SAAS platform leverages the existing ATM interbank network and enables ALL banks, merchants, utilities and consumers connected to it through a single integration and without the need to integrate into core-banking of each bank (which can take months). The bank requires no additional software or technology in the Activa approach, and bank IT involvement is minimal. Consumers will want to use our platform over their bank’s existing internet and mobile banking as Activa’s Next Gen Omni-Channel Banking platform’s UI and UX allows easy exploration of data with multiple layers. Viewers are able to dive deeper into the info that most interest them and gloss over other details. All while seeing the “big picture” on how everything’s interrelated.

This is ideal for figuring out your personal finances rather than seeing them in a boring table. With Activa’s interactive UI, an account holder can see where s/he over-spent on entertainment, utilities or whatever. A much easier informed decision that translates to higher retention and engagement. Activa’s graphs and charts help you track your spending, income, net worth and account balances over time, and compare your expenditures month-to-month or year-to-year. You can even track your progress on individual goals and since we graph your credit /debit, spending and investment performance over time, you can instantly see how changes in your spending and income affect your bottom line.

"I’m thrilled to join TFG. The best way to learn about developing and growing your startup is to learn from the people who have already done.  I understand that TFG has exceptional advisors who have helped their clients a number of ways including fine-tuning their pitch, validating their business model and technology and raising money." - Asad Shah, CEO of Activia Financial 

Activa Financial's EIR: Hon Wong 

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Posted on July 31, 2015 .