Certus Technology Systems, founded in 2012 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and technology experts, has developed a smartphone application which allows users to log on to websites, execute transactions, and exchange information with fully authenticated parties without the need for User IDs or Passwords. 

Forgotten User IDs/Passwords are significant web user irritants: the average web user now has seven different User ID/Password combos across 25 websites.  In addition, it has long been known that User IDs/Passwords are a tremendous security risk as they open the gates to fraud and identity theft. Studies show that one in ten (1:10) American consumers fall victim to identity theft or internet fraud. Millions of passwords and credit card numbers are exposes to online criminals every year, costing consumers over $100B annually. Certus eliminates this massive risk while vastly improving the e-commerce and logon user experience.  

Certus’ patent pending technology disintermediates the interaction between users and websites, bypassing User ID/Password requirements currently used for authentication. The Certus smartphone application provides users with fast, password-free authentication to access web sites while eliminating identity theft and fraud through direct authentication using one-time tokens.

The user logon experience becomes quick and painless – holding a smart phone next to the laptop/desktop/POS and launching the Certus application is all it takes to log on to any Certus enabled website. The smart phone communicates with any browser via acoustic Near Field Communications (NFC) to identify and authenticate both sides of the logon transaction. We eliminate the frustration of time wasted guessing and resetting passwords, and we reduce the costs of managing password accounts and call center hours processing requests.

“I was very impressed with the TFG presentation at Tech Lab in Santa Clara and we are very happy to have been accepted into their program. We are looking forward to working with TFG on company positioning and exploring the unique mix of early stage company financing options they bring to the table." - Jack Wolosewicz

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Homepage: http://certus-inc.com/

Facebook: facebook.com/certus

Twitter: twitter.com/certusinc

Phone: 585-CER-TUS1


Certus's EIR: Hon Wong

Posted on July 1, 2015 .